Antys without sex - Dating nice guy tips

Go to places where you will likely find men who match your must-have list.For instance, if you are religious, attend church events; if you are a sports fan, go to local sporting events; or if you want the intellectual type, visit book stores, libraries and college events, if you are in college.We’re not dumb, you’re just a little annoying, and probably more than a little clingy. Chances are if a girl is dating someone you think is a douchebag, it’s because that douchebag, however vinegar-y and Summer’s Eve scented he may be, had the confidence to approach her and ask her out (which is sexy! Has a “nice guy” ever accused you of only dating jerks?

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Part of why we’re attracted to guys who you may assume are douchebags is because, well, they’re often pretty goodlooking, and they usually shower regularly.

If you’re a “nice guy” who’s always covered in corn chip crumbs and you don’t wash your hair, we’re not going to want to make out with you.

It’s also, ironically, a pretty douchey thing to do.

And please do remember that most douchebags start out pretty nice–that’s how they trick us!

Avoid places like bars and clubs where you are more likely to meet unsavory characters.

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