Dating pierce watches

Most importantly, don't believe a word that I have said. The more unfavourable comments these watches receive, the cheaper I can pick them up :-) That said, Jon, if you would like to part with one with the stunning black dial, please PM me. As a previous poster noted, a big problem with the Pierce chronos is that the leather-covered clutches dry out, or wear out, and cannot be replaced, which is one of the parts problems my watchmaker mentioned. I'll tell you, I use the buttons on this double-button very sparingly!

Pierce will almost always be in a beat up plated case, even the best of their WP watches would rarely have a steel case. From the foregoing discussion, I guess I was real lucky w/ "my" Pierce chrono.

This sends a message that they don't value their brand enough to make a really quality watch. About a year ago, I got a really nice one ( w/ up/down subdials) off the 'bay for around $400.

I have two very nice Pierce chronographs that tell great time, but repairs to the chrono functions have stumped my faithful watchmaker. Thx, Jon Pierce made their own ebauche so parts are an issue. Working on chonographs in general is tedious and a lot of normal rules don't apply to chronos.

Does anyone know of a specialist in these watches, preferably in the U. It isn't surprising that finding someone to work on them is difficult.

I know the feeling of having a nice watch that you can get a part for or get repaired.

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