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FILM-COM can assist with certain documentary projects that are in the packaging or newly shot phase.Docs are typically not financed in the same manner as a feature film, and may involve partial / total grant funding or a television deal.FILM-COM accepts both scripted and unscripted television concepts.

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In the case of docs where there is legitimate commercial potential, the budget of the project should be gauged according to the realistic range of revenues that might be earned via sales and licensing of the finished project.

Lastly, some documentaries may lend themselves to being prototypes for a television series. FILM-COM can help with Category 2 type documentaries and with those that might be applicable as prototypes for television series.

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Category 2 involves documentaries that are either deliberately tailored for one or more specific cable networks that can pay a significant licensing fee for the rights to broadcast the doc, or are projects that are commercial enough in subject matter and design to potentially warrant some form of domestic theatrical distribution -- realistically, these are very rare.

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