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This was pre-Jenna Dewan for Tatum, so to see these two looking pretty flirty during some of their promotional interviews for the film and then to even catch a few photos floating around online of the two locking lips on the street, we'd have to say that all signs point to yes that a little something sparked between these two! And then when Uncle Jesse (played by the dreamy John Stamos) took up with Danny's co-anchor, Becky (the gorgeous Lori Loughlin), they pretty much equaled the perfect couple. Sure, those movies definitely weren't anything to write home about, but there was always something fun about watching La Beouf and Fox flirt on screen while also fighting to save the world.

And just in case you were wondering if these two actually got together in real life because their chemistry was off the charts—hello, their wedding episode where he sang and we all weeped! And one question on everyone's minds with these two was whether or not things got a little risqué off-screen.

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where young actors Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson came together? These two definitely kept it mum while they were together, but after the thing had run its course, Hutcherson joked that while they dated, Hudgens broke his heart, but they came out of it to a good place where they remain good friends.

We actually hope that sentiment was true for these two because is there anyone cuter than our beloved Peeta (the character Hutcherson famously played in television audience truly had no idea the first few seasons of the show as Michael C.

It's no wonder that after two failed on-screen turned real life relationships (Ventimiglia famously dated his When you were younger and would fantasize about dating and being able to kiss Zack Morris, basically the only other person who you felt okay locking lips with the teen heartthrob was none other than Kelly Kapowski, right?

Well, as it turns out, for a good chunk of time, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Lark Voorhies—AKA the always fashionable Lisa Turtle—were the two co-stars who were actually romantically involved.

It's never been confirmed just how long these two have been together, but with five seasons of their hit drama under their belt now, it's no wonder that these two have such an insane connection that can be seen on screen.

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