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"She has been outspoken about her bisexuality and this is no surprise to anyone who knows her, but her family is having a hard time accepting it." The insider says the elder Jacksons have been clear about their concern for Paris' immortal soul: "Joe and Katherine are so religious and they believe that Paris' desire for women will to a life in hell for her," the source claims."Katherine was always trying to steer her away from the ladies," the insider adds.

Paris Jackson is generally pretty awesome, but she has a history of dating people who seem to suck.

Granted we don't know her past dudes, but fans were understandably pretty upset when it looked as though Paris was dating a white supremacist last year.

So if they don't date, how do they get to know men? All of France, they're hosting dinner parties every Friday and Saturday night!

These can be formal sit-down dinners with elaborate menus, starting with champagne—they always begin with champagne and no cheese and crackers, because they don't want to spoil the appetite.

Cara, 25, and Paris, 19, can be seen sharing a sweet embrace in new pictures obtained by the Daily Mail.

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