Rowupdating which wasn t Free chatting for adults

Row editing and Row canceling editing working fine; but when I press update after changing the value in textbox, it show the old value not that value that I have change.

There are similar questions on Stackoverflow and other websites, but I seem to miss something.

everything works perfectly without raising any exception. perhaps setting the rowupdated event handler need also the rowupdating event handler (I didn't check it out at the moment) I still get the same error.

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Hi there, Edit and Delete command names are reserved names and will trigger the events mentioned that your code isn't handling.

Simply by renaming your commands to something like Edit Item and Delete Item and handle those in Row Command instead, the problem should go away.

I do not want to create an empty method just to handle this event. from the code you've posted it seems there's no rowupdating event handler set.

tryed to get your error setting the On Row Updated on a test gridview. try commenting out the rowupdated event handler and see if you get the same error again.

As our code does not handle those events hence they throw an exception.

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