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There's plenty of better written dranas with better story lines then showing greed and deseption. regretfully but i have to dump this drama by epi 13 i cant believe the writer hasnt start the drama yet when is he planned to do it by epi 20 or 30? He needed to "meet someone who could appreciate him" for who he was instead of trying to change him.

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Starting over, after mistakes, is such a great theme, and this series exemplifies that very well! Hi, all my golden life lovers...drama will remain as the best in history and for me, I will and can never forget this drama. It was ridiculous he needed to be penniless for a time.

When Ji-An's father told her, under the tree, to give herself another chance, and when he also told Do-Kyung to wait forever if he meant he loved Ji-An, I believed a "happy ending" was all the more possible. Love that DK had a chance to talk to JA's dad and receiving good advice. I was glad when he left the CEO position he seemed to have a decent place to live. But that would be an American ending, this is a Korean drama. He goes off to Spain and she works going into the office for a year. Salavation army kettle, volunteering at the orphanage and helping the elderly who live alone. Finished with strong rating and each actors deserved a round of applause for making the drama Unforgettable.

In fact, the pain "he caused" was not by his own hand, unlike the pain she caused him which was by her own hand directly.

By far, she inflicted more pain on Choi Do-Kyung than whatever pain he might have caused her.

That meant she spent time carving his likeness, which was near perfect, presumably fashioned from very strong memories (since she did not have her own phone and likely no access to any photos they might have taken in the past).

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