Updating k850i Seksi shqip video

What saddened me was not the spoiling of the phone or whatsoever, but rather, the loss of the important stuff - contact information, messages, and of course pictures.

The support team would just refresh the software, and upon the reformatting and updating of the phone's firmware, everything else would be wiped out.

haha I will still prefer nokia as everything is clear cut and there are lots of shortcuts which we can create to our own preference ^_^ I have frenz using sony ericssons too, and some are like u, while some are like me, i guess it's up to each individual's preference and usage ^_^ Yeah, not only sony ericsson phones, even the recent apple i phones, the 1st batch of them has got so many problems and now they are out with the 2nd batch, and normally when the 2nd batches are out, like your k series, it's more likely to be well and won't have the same kind of problems again, so u can put your mind at ease ^_^I just don't understand why phone companies like to release phones before the bugs are fully tweaked.

Bad for its own reputation and bad to the user as well. Different people have different preferences for different reasons.

Both of you've been going on for a month with just only the two of you, so I'm here to spoil the party!

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